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  • 2020 WordPress Accessibility Day
  • 2020 WordCamp Athens
  • 2019 WordCamp Athens
  • 2019 WordCamp Thessaloniki
  • 2018 WordCamp Thessaloniki
  • 2019 WordPress Translation Day
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  • Core tickets currently tracking:

    Upgrade/Install #52263
    • Use `prefers-reduced-motion` Media Query on auto-updates spinner animations

    General #52457
    • WordPress vulnerable to search-reflected webspam

    Privacy #43890
    • Allow Admin to Skip e-mail confirmation for Export/Anonymization

    Privacy #44314
    • `user_confirmed_action_email_content` filter run on two different strings

    Application Passwords #51899
    • Improve Application Passwords section layout in user profile

    Login and Registration #48222
    • "Show password" button overlaps with the LastPass icon

    Embeds #44610
    • Allow Youtube-Player to use youtube-nocookie.com URLS to avoid setting cookies.

    Site Health #49188
    • Add a check for tables structures.

    Privacy #51188
    • Website user level consent management framework (logged in users)

    Privacy #44683
    • Export and Erase personal data - emails sent to wrong address if username is an email address which is different from the actual email address

    Bootstrap/Load #18546
    • Add index.php to wp-includes and wp-admin/includes

    Privacy #49035
    • Add Export & Erasure requests to a dashboard widget.

    Privacy #44043
    • Framework for logging/retrieving a users consent state

    Administration #34991
    • Introduce a typographic measure for the admin screens

    Privacy #46897
    • Personal Data Export Report: Mobile friendly

    Toolbar #48894
    • Improve the small user sub window at the right corner on the admin bar a.k.a. the Howdy fly-out

    Privacy #44176
    • Un-map Privacy Capabilities

    Privacy #44266
    • Add per-request-row delete row action for privacy actions

    Privacy #44222
    • Add Archive state to privacy requests

    Privacy #44133
    • Should the Data Export indicate when we have no information on the user

    Privacy #43437
    • Add way for registered users to request deletion or anonymization of their private data

    Privacy #49357
    • Admin intervention for personal data export really needed?

    Upgrade/Install #40966
    • Double clicking the Update plugins-button gives... interesting experience!

    Privacy #44145
    • Rework Privacy settings page to use the Settings API

    Upgrade/Install #48937
    • Auto-refresh maintenance mode screen

    Users #49416
    • Deleting a user when having thousands of users

    Privacy #43933
    • Make the Privacy Policy page intro text shorter and more friendly

    Security #48955
    • WP 5.3.1 changes cause potential backwards compatibility breakage with kses

    Privacy #43938
    • Make it clear to administrators that not all plugins support privacy policy content, personal data export and erasure

    Plugins #48486
    • Add compliance tab to plugin repository pages on WordPress.org

    Upgrade/Install #35707
    • On installation page, autocompleted password should not be visible.

    Privacy #44000
    • Add notification bubble to Tools menu for data export/erase requests

    Privacy #44258
    • Inconsistency in Export and Erase Personal data behavior

    Posts, Post Types #43287
    • The text "immediately" should be capitalize in publish meta box.

    Formatting #44793
    • remove_accents() doesnt escape all versions of "i"

    Site Health #46967
    • Site health, info tab: show the current uploads directory info on network installs

    Privacy #44230
    • Export Personal Data Flaw

    Themes #41309
    • Theme and plugin editing experience improvements at smaller screens

    Media #42560
    • mp4 files do not play in Safari

    Widgets #45079
    • Clear inactive widgets button issue in IE Edge

    Privacy #44267
    • Privacy Request List Table: A way to show the time of request when it's older than 24 hours.

    Widgets #37451
    • Widget Sidebars Title text overflow

    Upgrade/Install #43492
    • Core Telemetry and Updates

    Privacy #43910
    • Add actions and filters so plugins can easily extend export/erasure functionality

    Privacy #43811
    • Licence & Policy notice during installation

    Editor #43267
    • Admin editor "Insert link" modal on mobile seems to have incorrect styling

    Bundled Theme #39623
    • Twenty Seventeen: Consider removing custom header from internal pages if selected video header

    Toolbar #41288
    • wp admin bar WordPress about and updates icon can't show in Smartphone.

    Bundled Theme #40338
    • Twenty Seventeen: Layout broken and JS error in `wp-activate.php`

    Themes #41204
    • Placement of wp_redirect() in template

    Meta tickets currently tracking:

    Support Forums #3479
    • Support Profile / Unsubscribe from all Topics button

    Support Forums #2596
    • Add Default Text in Support form as a Template for Asking Good Support Questions